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Why travel insurance is important?

With the rising inclination of a lot of students in India to pursue studies abroad, it has become very essential to provide a little standing to tour insurance. In case, you are thinking of how travel insurance came into scene, let us tell you that it is not new concept. In fact, it has been around for a long time in foreign nations. In India, the plan was introduced some years back. However, they gained popularity only recently. Inappropriately, travel insurance was also considered a luxury. Unfortunately, people do not give much focus on getting a tour policy when travelling.

Stated below is a list of key benefits of purchasing a travel insurance plan. This will also help you know why travel insurance is necessary:

• Cashless hospitalisation ability is accessible all around the world
• You can avail of high quality health care via buying travel insurance plans. These companies have tie-ups with UnitedHealth International or UHI. It is a highly reputed and world famous US based health care provider
• There is no requirement for medical check up when buying health care plans.
• The travel plan will also cover you for the costs for medical evacuation and all costs back to India (home country)
• Pre-existing diseases and ailments are also covered under life-threatening situations
• You can easily prolong the travel plan in case; you desire to extend the trip. The best part is that you just require paying only for number of days you extend the trip for.
• This insurance plan will also cover you for all kinds of hospitalisation expenses under the circumstances where bouts of serious illness such as Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza etc. keep you down.

If you are planning to move abroad for higher studies, it is imperative to buy a travel insurance plan. There are many special student travel plans available with leading providers these days. Stated below are some benefits that you can enjoy via getting student travel plan:

• Cover for personal accident
• Cover for expensive dental treatment
• Loss of passport
• Medical cover for students suffering from mental or nervous disorders
• Loss of checked in baggage
• Protection for sponsor
• Cancer and mammography expenditures
• Bail bond facility and assistance

You must get into a detailed travel insurance comparison to ensure you have the best plan in hand.

The author of this article is an experienced counsellor for buying overseas travel insurance in India, with the expertise of more than 14 years in relevant industry. His expertise allows him to guide and provide Tips, suggestions and solutions on the pros cons. of travel insurance in India online . He always highlights about how to get best  travel insurance quote  through his editorials and articles.

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