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Where would you travel if you won the lottery?

With today’s announcement that ticketholders in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland will share a record-breaking $640 million jackpot, several lucky buyers will spend the weekend dreaming about how to spend their windfalls – and I’d wager that travel will be part of the fantasy.

“Buy an island near Hawaii,” noted one Facebook wag when USA TODAY asked what readers would do with a winning ticket.

“Take a couple of years off of work and travel the world,” said another.

So, where would you head if you struck lottery gold?

You could always start small by spending 24 days and $68, 950 per person to fly around the world by private jet with Alex Trebek and National Geographic Expeditions, or join Ashton Kutcher and other astronauts-in-waiting who’ve committed $200,000 for a Virgin Galactic joyride in space.

Or, if James Cameron’s recent submarine explorations have whetted your appetite for deep-seas adventures, you could book a flight to the island of Roatan, Honduras – where, for a mere $5,600, you’ll be ferried 1,500 feet below the surface in search of six-gill sharks.

Other dream itineraries, if money were no object?

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