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Vintage find in Toronto hotel: Pay phones

TORONTO – How often do you see pay phones in hotels anymore in the age of the cell phone?

I took this shot of three, wall-mounted pay phones during our quick stop at the city’s “current” Four Seasons hotel last week.

The pay phones are located in a highly visible spot near the lobby restrooms.

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I describe the hotel as “current” – with quotes – because as the prominent pay phones suggest, it’s dated. In fact, the hotel is set to close in about two months so that the building can be overhauled and converted into condominiums.

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Four Seasons’ headquarters city won’t be without a Four Seasons for long.

A brand-new Four Seasons hotel is under construction and on track to open in July. The July opening will give the new hotel a head start to work out kinks before making its debut for the city’s high-profile Toronto International Film Festival. (Remember, the newly openly Ritz-Carlton stole some of the hotel’s thunder in 2011.)

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Both Four Seasons locations, by the way, are in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville neighborhood (think: New York’s Fifth Avenue).

Keep watching Hotel Check-In for more posts on new luxury hotels opening in Toronto, such as the Trump International Hotel and Tower and the Shangri-La, plus exclusive computer images of the new Four Seasons location.

Now, back to our topic of the day…

Will any of these new hotels in Toronto – or elsewhere – include a bank of pay phones when they open their doors? We’ll have to wait and see.

Readers: How often do you see and/or look for pay phones in hotels anymore?

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