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Travelling in a fridge

Travelling in a fridge

14/11/2011 , 3:59 PM by Alan Richardson

After becoming sick and tired of the amount of time he and his wife had to take just to reaarange their motor vehicle while travelling, Peter Docking decided enough was enough and has designed his own motor home.

Built as a cubicle which gets attached atop a conventional tray top truck, which can be attached or removed in 10 minutes, Peter has taken all the ideas he has seen along his travels and made slightly non  traditional travel home. The home features a full sized fridge, oven and hotplates, shower, toilet, airconditioner and plenty of storage space. The motor home is powered by 750 watt solar panels located on the roof, which is able to run 24 hours a day.View this photo

Peter chose to have all the electrical items 12 volt, making the solar panels on the roof the only source of power needed, which comes in handy as many outback locations have no access to generators or electricity.    

Along with all the electrical features, the motor home contains a water filter, allowing you to refill the water tank with freshly filtered water. A built-in verandah, 1 metre off the ground gives you a place to relax and enjoy your surroundings, while also being able to fold up and be used as a projector screen.

Taking into consideration the sometimes harsh climate that Australia’s tourist locations can produce, Peter’s main concern was keeping a steady room temperature. Deciding to create a cubicle with styrofoam refrigeration panels, the motor home is able to keep a cool tempurature, even in the heat of the Northern Territory. “We turned on the airconditioner only as a test in Darwin because the room kept so cool”.View this photo

Build for practical use, the bed is placed roughly 1 metre above the ground to allow an external boot and more internal storage room. The external boot features enough room for bikes, fishing gear, water, gas any any other recreactional items you might need while travelling.

Peter has received a very positive response from caravan retailers and fellow campers along his travels. He plans to manufacture his motor home design, if the demand is there.



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