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Travel insurance tips for a stress free getaway

MoneySupermarket outlines some tips to ensure holidaymakers
have the right cover in place to safeguard against any unexpected holiday


Bob Atkinson says “Having the right travel insurance
in place is essential to ensure peace of mind whilst away from home. Having a
policy with the appropriate levels of cover will help safeguard against any
unexpected eventualities. Travel insurance should not just be about price. For
some, the cheaper policies do not provide adequate cover. Reading the policy
wording before choosing travel insurance is vital to ensure the cover offered
meets your needs.”


When travelling abroad, it is essential to have adequate
medical cover in place. If travelling in Europe, many think a European Health
Insurance Card (EHIC) will suffice, but the cover offered is not as extensive
as you may think. While the EHIC card will provide you with the same treatment
as a resident of the EU country you are visiting, standard treatment between
European countries varies, as does the cost you may have to contribute to it.


MoneySupermarket recommends
having at least £2 million worth of cover for medical expenses. This means
travellers are protected against the cost of a doctor’s consultation through to
any hospital treatment needed. Some cheaper or less comprehensive policies will
not include hospital benefit that  
covers any incidentals you need to pay for in hospital, and
holidaymakers are also advised to consider cover for the expenses a family
member or friend will accumulate if they stay in the country with you during a
hospital stay.

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