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Record-breaking shopping feats

Before you brave Black Friday’s chaotic crowds, consider these shopping-related feats, courtesy of the Guinness World Records people (who, by the way, would like you to purchase their Guinness World Records 2012 eBook while you’re in a buying mood).

— The fastest motorized shopping cart (built in honor of Guinness World Records Day this year) hit speeds of 42.8 mph at the Tesca Extra store in Hatfield, UK on Nov. 17.

— The largest motorized shopping cart (pictured here), was built in Watford, UK, in 2005, and measured almost 10 feet long, 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

— The world’s speediest store clerk scanned and bagged 50 items in 2 minutes and 22 seconds at a store in Bracknell, UK, in 2009.

— The speed record for gift wrapping goes to a clerk at Borders Books in Manchester, UK, who wrapped a Guinness World Records book in 19.71 seconds flat in 2005.

— A team of 12 staffers from a German company pushed a shopping cart for 24 hours nonstop on a track at the Munich airport, covering 183 miles. (There’s no explanation as to why they did this.)

— The longest escalator ride took place at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Burwood, Australia, where a man rode up and down for almost 146 hours, straight in 1998, traveling 140 miles.

Again, Guinness doesn’t get into the whys of this. Might be something to contemplate while you’re standing in line at the checkout counter today.

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