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Presidential turkey preens at the W hotel

This lucky 21-week-old, 45-pound turkey preened in front of cameras at the swanky W Washington D.C. hotel on Tuesday as part of a time-honored Thanksgiving tradition.

Today, Pres. Obama will help the VIP gobbler escape the Thanksgiving table with an official “presidential pardon” – a 64-year-old tradition.

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After the ceremony, the turkey and its alternate will retire – alive – to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

The turkey enjoyed munchies of acorns, corn and berries at a great location, since the W’s the closest hotel to the White House. You can see it in the photo in background, to the left of the turkey’s neck.

The 2010 White House turkey and its alternate luxuriated at W hotel last year, too, giving the W a publicity windfall.

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