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Must-Haves for a Caribbean Vacation

That is how Jessica Ogden, a designer for Madras at A.P.C., who lives in Paris, recalls her Jamaican childhood.

Now, she says, she returns to the island for fashion inspiration. “People are into style in a big way, whether it’s rolling up one leg of the trouser like the reggae boys or leaving the pick in your hair, it means something. There’s a language on the street which is really interesting to watch.”

Her own style incorporates a Jamaican ease with upscale accessories and one-of-a-kind finds. For a trip to the Caribbean, here’s what you’ll find in her bag:

Ralph Lauren Denim Buffalo Western shirt: “A worn-out denim shirt is my can’t-live-without piece on any holiday, to throw on either at the beach or with a skirt at sunset.” (

K. Jacques sandals: “Never out of style from the 1960s till now. Order your style in any leather.” (

Clinique 45 SPF sunblock stick: “Can be carried in your smallest bag for a sunscreen touch up.” (

Sennelier watercolor paper and travel watercolor set: “I like to draw while away, and this has all the basic colors. Also good for afternoon playtime with goddaughters, nieces and nephews.” (

Chapellerie Alfred Panama hat: “Just wear it and you are already on holiday.” (9, rue de la Loge, Montpellier, France; 33-4-67-66-08-30)

Batik top: “A vest, from my mum, is a pure good-luck travel charm. For your own, I would say DIY (do it yourself)! All that is needed is a white vest, a batik kit from a craft shop, and dye.”

Vintage cloth print umbrella: “The umbrella makes your spot on the beach the most Lartigue-esque, which can’t be bad. I recommend Alfies Antique Market, Church Street, London, or any true vintage shop specializing in Victorian-era parasols.” (

Madras swimsuit: “Finding a swimsuit that has a nice fit and slightly vintage shape is not an easy task, so I designed one myself and have been happy on the beach ever since.” (

Madras quilted bag: “A huge hold-all, good for picnics, too, as the quilting is a protecting layer… it seems to grow the more you squeeze in.” (

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