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More travel insurances taken out before Christmas period

ORANJESTAD — Boogaard Assurances sold more travel insurances before the Christmas period than last year, which is also due to the specific attention from AZV, said Boogaard-director Celestino Dabian. “People may say that the economy is not flourishing on Aruba, but we’ve sold a large number of travel insurances.” Last year’s number hadn’t been that high in this period, according to him, “but that’s because AZV is highlighting this now.”

National medical insurer AZV sounded the alarm when beginning this year people had become seriously ill abroad without having taken out travel insurance. AZV does not cover these costs. Dabian: “I think AZV’s strategy is a good one. People complain to AZV when they’ve incurred medical costs abroad. However, AZV says: “are hands are tied because of the rules, which is also logic.”

According to Dabian, the government actually feels everyone should take out travel insurance. Whether this is possible from a legal point of view is currently being looked into, at least that’s what the director of the insurer said. “The government thinks everyone traveling abroad should take out travel insurance, but how are we going to realize this? I suggest the government arrange this through travel agencies because they have all insurance documents.” Sorayda Maduro, office supervisor of Maduro Travel in Oranjestad, says she asks all clients whether they’ve taken out travel insurance. If not, this could indeed be arranged immediately at the travel agency. “We work together with Boogaard Assurances and Royal Sunalliance Insurance (RSA)”, says Maduro. The supervisor and Dabian state they sell few cancellation insurances because the latter are comparatively expensive.


Old or sick

People can take out continuous travel insurance with Boogaard up to the age of 70; older clients will have to settle for short-term travel insurance. However, in this case the premium is 20 percent higher and linked to a maximum age of 80 years. If for example a client takes out continuous travel insurance at the age of 68 and doesn’t terminate such, he/she will simply remain insured from 70 years of age, said Dabian. Also people with a chronic disease can take out travel insurance, against the normal premium, but excluding medical costs related to the disorder. However, those suffering from the chronic disease diabetes are covered and they pay the usual premium, says the director. He emphasizes that Aruba has many diabetics.

RSA and Ennia both offer only short-term travel insurance with a maximum age of 69 years. Persons above 60 years can only be insured through Ennia’s cheapest package. People above 70 years of age cannot take out travel insurance with the company. The premium at RSA remains the same for clients up to and including 69 years of age. However, people up to 75 years of age can take out travel insurance but require a medical certificate and the premium is 50 percent higher.

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