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Letters: Planning Child-Friendly Flights

Planning Child-Friendly Flights

To the Editor: Re “It’s Not the Carriers, It’s the Kids” (Practical Traveler, Nov. 27), while crying infants may be up to the fates, babes out-of-arms are another matter. While there is no perfect solution to the problem, perhaps the airlines could make available an online animation for kids that would take them through the flight, from entering the terminal to leaving it, including the boarding routines and the reasons for various polices, regulations and procedures and, of course, the need for consideration of other passengers.

Old Lyme, Conn.

To the Editor: We all need to take a deep breath. Regular travelers like me (I fly more than 100,000 miles per year) need to be less thin-skinned, and maybe we need to take more responsibility for ourselves, using eye masks and earplugs and even occasionally swapping seats so that a child can sit next to a parent. It won’t kill us to give up an aisle seat.


To the Editor: I have three young kids and have flown numerous times with them. The key to traveling with young children is to plan ahead and make sure that they have plenty to do on the plane. I get new DVDs that they have been wanting to see and save them for the plane.

I also have each child bring a backpack filled with special “plane activities” Legos, coloring books, crayons, etc. I am strict about how they behave, but it’s never been a problem because they are so excited about the special plane activities in their backpacks.

Corvallis, Ore.

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