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Kansas City mayor: ‘We need a new hotel’

In the Kansas City Star‘s QA today with Kansas City Mayor Sly James, hotels take center stage.

“We need a hotel,” he told the paper. “The last one we built was 1985. Our stock in terms of hotels is ancient, relatively speaking.”

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James says the city needs a new, full-service hotel so that Kansas City can compete against other cities for bigger conventions.

“This is a first-class city, and in order for us to be a first-class city, we need to offer first-class amenities to attract first-class events … Every person who comes into KC for a convention or tourism brings money with them.”

Despite the lack of financing available for new hotel construction in the USA right now and the city’s severe budget constraints, the mayor hopes that a financing plan for a new convention hotel will “materialize in a year or so.”

He’s also realistic.

“I’d love to have a new convention hotel today. I’d love to have had one ready for the Major League All-Star Game next year. Neither of those things is going to happen, but I’m not going to give up on the concept just because it can’t be as immediate as we like.”

Readers: Which hotels do you book when visiting Kanasas City for business or a convention? Would you welcome a new option?

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