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How do you cure hotel insomnia?

How do you cure insomnia when you’re in a hotel?

BBC News today explores travelers’ insomnia problem, noting that jet lag often plays a role because our bodies think we’re in a different time zone.

But regardless of the cause, once you’ve got it, what do you do?

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The BBC reporter sampled one pricey solution at the Milestone Hotel in central London – and it doesn’t include counting sheep.

An outside sleep expert comes to your room, analyzes your brainwaves, and lets you know that it’s simply mind over matter and that you can conquer your insomnia. You then get a relaxing head massage – for the “first night” package price of $1,000 for two.

More practical solutions include herbal supplements, yoga, meditation and sleeping pills.

But the reporter also spoke to another expert who suggested that the simple act of reading also encourages sleep.

By the way, watching TV wasn’t a fix that the experts mentioned!

Readers: What’s your secret to catching some decent shuteye if you’re prone to hotel insomnia?

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