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Holiday insurance may be void if you’ve been partying, experts warn

They may find their travel insurance is invalid if they need treatment  after they have been drinking during beach parties or in nightclubs.

Mugging victims may find  they have no cover if they take large amounts to cash to crime hotspots.

Experts warned insurers will be ‘naturally suspicious’ of claimants who have been at events notorious for alcohol, drugs and crime.

The alert comes after 23-year-old student Steven Duck fought a two-year battle to get insurance company Direct Travel to pay for treatment worth £2,000 after he was stabbed at a party in Thailand in 2009.

Insurers insist they do not expect tourists to take a ‘vow of temperance’ on holiday. But Bob Atkinson from said the onus was on claimants to prove – perhaps by taking a blood test – that they had not been drinking or using drugs.

He warned that some sports, such as rugby, might be classified as dangerous and the insurer could invoke a clause in the smallprint.

The Association of British Insurers said: ‘Where it’s obvious the incident was caused or exacerbated by excess alcohol, insurers may invoke medical exclusions and won’t pay.’

  • Photo of Spartas Edge

    Too right too,as people go too far with their drinking.Why should insurance pay out for people that deliberately become mindless idiots.

  • Photo of bernie

    what then is the point of buying insurance? the insurance companies will try and weasel their way out of paying on the slightest pretext, keen to take your money but not keen to pay it back out

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