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Got any good gag gift ideas for Bob Van Dillen?

Foul weather is glomming onto the SW like stink on a monkey. The slow moving storm is rounding the curve from CA to the lower Four Corners this morning spreading heavy rain in the valleys and heavy snow in the mountains. There are winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories for CA, AZ, NV, UT, CO and NM for an additional 6-12� of snow, and the winter stuff is fanning out across the Plains. As the rain falls into the freezing layer from the ground to around 2K’, it is freezing on the ground. Freezing rain advisories are posted for the day for Central NE, W KS, and E CO. I’ll have the maps for you. It’s just rain in the MW, with around 1 to 1 ½� in the next 24 hours in MO.

Some wind is back for s FL off the Atlantic, so some rain is being brought ashore near Miami this morning too. A few travel delays are possible there, and possibly an air travel delay. I’ll have those for you too.

Any ideas what to get the people I work with for Christmas? Usually it’s a gag gift. I need something funny for Robin, Carlos, and Jen.


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