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Gary Giordano Breaks Silence on Good Morning America, Vows Innocence in Robyn Gardner Case

Having been cut loose by officials in Aruba earlier this week, Gary Giordano broke his silence to Good Morning America about the disappearance of Robyn Gardner.

The chief suspect in the Maryland woman’s mysterious vanishing says that many of the facts reported regarding the high-profile case have been wildly inaccurate.

Gardner’s traveling companion and the last one to see her alive, Gary Giordano spent 116 days in custody but was released and never charged with a crime.

Gary Giordano InterviewplayGary Giordano Interview

“I’ll interview myself, if you don’t mind,” Giordano told GMA‘s Robin Roberts, launching into a series of what he called misconceptions surrounding the case.

“There are hard questions, like, ‘He took her to remote location’ on the island – but we were only 100 yards from scuba diving store with tanks in back!”

“It was not a remote location at all. We were in full view of other people at Baby Beach. Me escaping from the island has been extremely misreported.”

As for why he contacted his insurance company regarding a $1.5 million travel insurance policy two days after Gardner vanished, he explained it as such:

“My lawyer at the time, Michael Lopez, said, ‘You need to call insurance immediately … helicopters and scuba divers might send you an invoice … call insurance and ask them how they deal with these expenses,'” Giordano explained.

According to Casey Anthony lawyer Jose Baez, who now represents Giordano in the U.S., Lopez was a personal injury lawyer intent on having the suspect guarantee him one third of any potential payout as part of his retainer.

Giordano also pointed to the Holland handbook for travelers, which says “that when someone goes missing, the first thing you should do is call authorities.”

“The second is call your insurance – the government itself says that.”

No word on the graphic photos on his camera and what they were of, but what really happened to Robyn Gardner this summer if he didn’t do it?

Giordano said Gardener’s disappearance is likely linked to one of the major two criminal epidemics on the island: cocaine and human trafficking.

“It’s a half-hour boat ride to Venezuela, and it turns out that where we were, the beach, is where they drop off illegals to swim to shore,” he said.

Aruban authorities say they will fight to extradite him from the U.S. if they find evidence linking him to Gardner’s death, which they have not so far.

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