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Buying travel insurance didn’t offer peace of mind

IN MAY, I bought travel insurance from Chartis for my trip to the Maldives. The coverage indicated ‘Asia’ as the area.

Subsequently, I received a call from a Chartis staff member asking me to pay more for the premium as the insurer had made a mistake in indicating the area of coverage, which should have been ‘international’.

It was Chartis’ mistake. Yet, I was inconvenienced into making a second payment. I was given a $20 shopping voucher for the inconvenience caused.

During a travel fair in August, I booked a trip to Europe for this month. I bought my travel insurance with Chartis again as it was convenient.

During the purchase, I told the salesperson that my travel date was from Dec 8 to Dec 22, and she stated the period of coverage to be 14 days.

Subsequently, a Chartis staff member called me and told me I had to top up the premium because I was to be covered for 15 days, not 14. Upset that I was inconvenienced by the insurer’s mistake again, I refused to accede and sought an explanation for the poor service.

As my travel date neared, I did not hear from Chartis, and I did not have my money deducted for the policy. Uneasy, I called Chartis to confirm coverage but was shocked when I was told that it had lost the policy. I had to send Chartis a copy of my policy, which it is now reviewing.

Did the staff member who sought an increase in premium for the mistake made by Chartis arbitrarily cancel the policy without informing me?

If I had not called, I would have travelled to Europe assuming I was covered by travel insurance, when I was not. Buying insurance certainly did not offer me peace of mind and neither did the service I was accorded.

Yeow Soo Yong (Ms)

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