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‘Best of the worst travel behavior in 2011’

The new year is only three days old, which means we’re still allowed to look back and ruminate over 2011.

Today in the Sky came across the Globe and Mail‘s “best of the worst travel behaviour in 2011.”

Quite a few of the awards went to airline passengers. We’ll point out a few of our favorites.

The What’s the Buzz Award went to a tipsy business-class passenger who managed to sneak two cardboard boxes filled with bees aboard a Yakutia Airlines flight in Russia. The bees crawled out at cruising altitude and wreaked havoc on the plane before flight attendants were able to stuff the boxes into a closet.

The To Whom It May Concern Award went to cabin crew members on a Virgin Atlantic flight to Glasgow for accidentally sending an expletive-filled message to TV screens in the premium-economy cabin. They had meant to send it to two of their colleagues, who were taking an unauthorized nap in empty seats.

And the It’s the Thought That Counts Award went to Ryanair flight attendants for misdiagnosing a passenger who had a heart attack. Thinking he had low blood pressure, they brought him a sandwich and soft drink and didn’t arrange for an ambulance to meet the flight upon arrival. Nor did they help him disembark when the plane landed. And to top it off, they asked him to pay for the snack.

For a full list of winners, click here.

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