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50 signs you’re a travel (or hotel) nerd

“50 Signs You’re a Travel Nerd.”

Apparently you – like me – could not resist that headline.

I can’t take credit for writing it (nor even for finding it — thanks Twitter buddy Mac Joseph), but you’re sure to enjoy the list from’s blog.

Here are the Top 10 “travel nerd” signs from the blog; click on the link above to read the rest and then keep reading to see how you can participate.

1. You always look up the in-flight movies so you can most effectively plan your flight time.

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  • 2. You have SIM cards for multiple countries.
  • 3. Your pulse quickens when you discover you’re on a new model of airplane for the first time.
  • 4. You can recite the rewards miles needed for any major destination on most airlines.
  • 5. You find factual errors in travel shows, and email the corrections.
  • 6. For your wedding you registered at a travel agency.
  • 7. You never leave the house without diarrhea medication, just in case.
  • 8. You know what car rental model and year you would like to use based on miles per gallon.
  • 9. When you arrive in a new city you give your driver precise directions according to your GPS.
  • 10. You know the tipping etiquette for more than 10 countries.

So I’m thinking we should extend the concept and create our own list of signs that you’re a hotel nerd. Tripbase’s list gives us a few hotel-specific entries to start, “No. 21. You dial 9 even when at home,” and “No. 48. You wear flip flops in the shower.”

Now it’s your turn. Click on “comments” below to add one or more signs that you’re a hotel nerd!

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